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Canine Guardians Assistance Dogs

Empowering PTSD / disabled Veterans to live a more normal life!

Canine Guardians is a 501(c)3 nonprofit, fully volunteer, donation-based organization whose main goal is to raise, train, and place specially trained dogs with PTSD veterans and their families at NO cost to the veteran. We also provide these trained dogs to disabled vets, children with cancer, and others with disabilities.

Our dogs not only help our veterans with physical needs, but can address and heal emotional wounds, as well. They comfort veterans with amazing calm, love and understanding, wake them from nightmares and give them the feeling of safety in public. They have their back and are there when needed the most.

​Volunteer Puppy Parents raise the CG dogs from puppyhood to adulthood, about 2 years, taking care of them on a daily basis and socializing them out and about in the community. Service dogs can go almost anywhere as long as they are wearing their service dog vests.

A certified service dog trainer gives local training lessons every other week to the Puppy Parents and their dogs. They learn the normal commands - sit, down, stay... in addition to block (protecting the owner from the back while in public), lay on (realizing the need to calm the owner by laying across his/her chest to sooth), touch (to alert the vet to calm down, get keys (in case they have dropped and vet cannot bend over to pick them up) and many more. They can even train dogs to retrieve food from the refrigerator and turn lights on and off.

Currently CG has dogs-in-training working in three youth detention home in Northern California. Amazingly, these dogs have helped calm and stabilize the youths and brought a feeling of hope and joy to the struggling teens. Five other dogs are being raised by volunteer Puppy Parents here in Napa, and one dog is being trained by a vet who will receive that dog.