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“Liberty, the dog I received from Canine Guardians in Napa, CA,
has done absolute wonders for me as a returning Vet with PTSD!

After I got out of the Marine Corps where I was a helicopter gunner, I started having these problems with extreme emotions. If I was sad, I was horribly distraught, when angry, I was red hot and ready to fight. It started getting worse and worse and my wife asked me to get help. It was affecting our marriage and I knew I needed to do it. I started seeing a psychiatrist.

Therapy sessions weren’t working. Antidepressants made me feel horrible. I went from having extreme emotions to none. So I ended up looking into service dogs and my psychiatrist thought it was a wonderful idea.

Practically the day I met Liberty, my life changed.

If I'm feeling sad or sorry for myself and trying to be lazy in bed all day. he picks up his tennis balls and drops them on my face or teeths my beard to get me up. He'll even steal my cell phone (holding it very gently as to not crack it) and run through the house to make me chase him. When we're in public, if I start getting angry, he mouths my arm to warn me I'm getting worked up and puts himself in-between me and whatever I'm getting mad at. My wife tells me all the time that Liberty has done wonders for me. ❤  

I know I'd be in a much worse place in life without My Canine Guardian lifesaver, Liberty!”

Canine Guardians Assistance Dogs

"Some of you have met Hero...the service dog in training that I received from Canine Guardians of Napa last March. (http://www.canineguardians.org/ ) Our family has been working hard with him, going to his training classes, giving him daily verbal commands, traveling and taking him everywhere, and introducing him to everyone we know. He has had a huge impact on me, my family, and other military injured veterans I have shared him with. I know he’s impacted you.

He is a true and daily ‘Wingman’ for me. He wakes me up at night when my sleep apnea is bad and I stop breathing. He knows when we are sick and stays very close to our feet and bodies. He looks at you and only wants to help in the many ways he can by picking up my keys or phone or wallet when my neck or back are hurting really bad. He opens elevators when asked!!! He rests his head on my shoulder while I’m driving and licks my ear. He loves our gym time together!"

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This letter was sent to us with $2.00 from a 10 year old girl named Juliet. Rochelle, our founder, was so touched by this drawing that she wrote Juliet back and thanked her and told her the next puppy we received to train for a PTSD veteran we would name after her. Please meet Juliet, the Canine Guardian Service Dog...