July 13th 2018 Golf Tournament


1. Scramble format.  All balls are moved to best shot.  The lie may be within 1 club length and no closer to the hole.  You may not improve your lie. (EX. If the ball is in the rough, all players must shoot from the rough).

2. Men will play from the white and women from the gold tees. 

3. Each golfer must contribute a minimum of 3 drives off the tee, however beginners (played less than 10 times ever) only need to contribute 1 drive.

4. Men’s and women’s long drive contest will be on the 6th hole and 15th hole.  Longest drive must be in the fairway.  Both drives count towards the long drive contest giving you 2 opportunities to win (your longest drive applies). Only the longest drive overall wins!

5.Closest to the pin, men and women will be on the 8th and 17th hole.  Both shots count towards the closest to the pin contest giving you 2 opportunities to win (your closest shot applies). Only the closest to the hole overall wins.

6. On the 7th hole all players must use their SEVEN (7) iron, 7 hybrid or 7 wood for each and every shot that hole, including putting and driving.  You must use the same club for the entire hole.  1st time through only.

7. Your team will be given an RED ball to play with the entire 18 holes.  You must rotate the ball with each player after each hole.  Each player must play all their shots with that ball until they have putted out.  Then the next player will play the entire hole and so on….  Any team that still has the sponge bob ball at the end of the 18 will deduct 2 strokes from their final score.

8. The highest score you can have on a hole is double bogey (2 over par). Pick up!!!

9. Each team can purchase up to 3 mulligans. $10 for 1, $25 for 3

10. Winners will be the lowest team score (If there is a tie we will have a putting playoff).  We will have prizes for first and last place teams. YOU NEED TO TURN IN YOUR SCORECARDS WITH YOUR NAMES ON IT BY 5:30.

 11. If there is a tie, winners will be determined by drawing score cards.

 12. Fun is required, No Whining!

Beverages available at the following locations:
Clubhouse – No Host bar
Keg of Beer Hole  #5    

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