Puppy Parents are a vital part of our team.   We need them to get our dogs to the point where they are expertly trained and socialized and ready to serve their new owner.

When our pups are 10-12 weeks old, they are placed with their Puppy Parent for between 1-2.5 years (depending on the individual dog and what his/her final career will be) for socialization and basic obedience training.  A “typical” Puppy Parent loves animals and is willing to make a time and financial commitment that has a beautiful payoff - being an essential part of the process of training a dog to be not only a dog who loves to serve, but  who will be a loyal, ever-present and trusted companion.

When the dog is 2+ years old and ready to “move on”, he will graduate to our advanced training where he will receive his final specialized instruction and guidance.  Next, he is matched with his new owner and our trainers go through intensive education, training and testing to prepare him and his new owner for success.  Our puppy parents will be able to meet the pup’s new owner and present the dog to them at graduation.  Seeing the loave and bond that forms with the recipient is heartwarming and wonderful and makes you know that you hace truly made a difference in

Here are the responsibilities and duties of our Puppy Parents:

  • Socialize their pup by taking them out in public and getting them accustomed to all sorts of sights, sounds, smells, experiences and different kinds of people and animals.
  • Train their pup in basic obedience at home and with bi-weekly classes.
  • Provide the pup with toys, food, grooming and flea/tick and heartworm meds.  Because Canine Guardians is a non-profit 501(c)(3) agency, these expenses will most likely be tax-deductible.  Check with your tax professional for guidelines.
  • Groom pup regularly - including teeth, ears and nails.
  • Report regularly to the agency on their pup’s social and obedience training progress using our progress reports.
  • When outside, keep their pup safely confined in a fenced yard (must be a physical one - not an invisible fence) or on a leash at all times.

If this sounds like something you would be interested in doing,
click here and fill in the email form. Put Puppy Parent Application in the Subject. We will email you the form. Please fill it out and scan/email it back or mail it back.  You will then be contacted for an interview and a home visit. There is also a Puppy Parent Agreement to sign.​

Being A Puppy Parent

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