volunteer programs

volunteer Programs

Puppy Parent Program

Puppy Parents adopt a puppy for a year, loving and socializing the puppy by taking it out in public (stores, church, movies, work, school) so it can learn how to behave when it is finally working with a partner.  The Puppy Parent takes the puppy to its vet appointments and brings the puppy to training class every other week.  

Puppy Petter Program

Who doesn't like to pet a puppy? Come to our facility and pet a puppy for an hour.  When dogs don't have regular human contact from the very beginning, they cannot be trained properly.

Fundraising event volunteers

Help Canine Guardians raise the funds needed to support the day-to-day operations involved in training dogs to assist exceptional people. Get your school or business involved in a fundraiser event.  Contact us on options to get started.