​Canine Guardians not only helps with physical needs, but can heal emotional wounds, as well. Returning veterans suffering from PTSD are in serious need of relief from their fears, dark dreams and unwanted paranoia that haunt them constantly. Our dogs comfort veterans with amazing calm, love and understanding. They wake them from nightmares and give them the feeling of safety in public. They have their back and are always there when needed the most.

​Our dogs are specially trained to help children with very difficult medical needs.  Especially children with cancer and children with diabetes.  In the near future we will have annual summer camp for children with cancer called Camp Kateri and a day camp for children with diabetes.

Through our R.E.A.D. (Reading Education Assistance Dogs) program, Canine Guardians assists those who struggle with reading.  We have found that children who struggle with reading find it less intimidating to read to a dog. The child actually looks forward to reading time when they get to read to one of our trained dogs, as they are taught to pay attention when a child is reading to them so that it has more of an impact on the child.


our services

Canine Guardians is an accredited nonprofit organization located in the beautiful Napa Valley.

​Our highly trained service dogs help children and adults with physical disabilities and special needs live a more independent life by picking up dropped items, opening refrigerator doors and cabinet drawers, turning on and off lights, pulling wheelchairs and much more. ​

Diabetics are not always aware when their blood sugar hits dangerous life-threatening levels. Our Diabetic Alert Dogs are trained to notify diabetics if their blood sugar is too high or too low. This can be a life-saving service as well as a great comfort to a diabetic.